Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Learning My Lesson

You never took me to school.
The too big bus took me to school.
I never went willingly.

What should have been a refuge,

I always assumed the worst.

If there were dogs,
they would bite me.
If there were people,
they would hurt me.
If there were lessons,
they would be hard ones.

Not hard, as in tough to learn,
but hard, as in tough to cover up

the fear,
the bruises,
the tears that always want to spill.

They give me away every time.

I am as good as got.

Those tears.
What I learned from you.

You never took me to school.
You taught me a lot, a space lot.

Note: A space lot is a family saying that I use a space lot. See more: here here yet again


atticus said...

this is beautiful. sometimes i see little girls' eyes and they look sad and i want to ask them if anyone is hurting them (which i really can't do in the middle of a public place, esp. when they are prob with the person who may be hurting them) i just always have my eye out now..even when i cannot do much about it. victims are sad, and quiet. i will keep looking. we need to teach others to watch for the sadness....and ask.

Cynthia said...

I experience the same thing. I just “know” sometimes. Once there was a little girl who lived near us in Germany. She was slightly mentally disabled and I just “knew”. I couldn’t see anything that would stand up in court. I even listened when I was near their house, trying to hear something. She and her younger brother went home to visit grandma and made an outcry which led to her horrible father being sent to the big house. The kids were saved from further harm, but not from what had already happened. I swore then that I would, with someone I had any knowledge of, at least mention to a teacher or someone who had contact that I thought something was wrong. You don’t even have to say you think it is the parents. Just “something is not right and I am worried”. At least there will be another adult on the lookout for them.

Yes, it’s the ones you walk by while shopping that give off the vibes that really worry you, right? Those eyes.

atticus said...

yes, indeed. i am delayed in reading this. but yes, indeed.