Sunday, May 06, 2007


Some men are just mean
pleased as punch to gouge out holes
where there should be none,
at least not yet.

And yet, for some reason,
Little Princess is expected
to burp politely, behind her hand,
never let the gas escape, (Cry Rape!)
“Oh, excuse me, so sorry!”

Do not become, my dear,
so destroyed in your soul
that you will spread your legs
and point, to that spot, (Crotch Rot!)
“Ouch, it hurts me.”

Young Ladies must cross their legs
at the ankles and tuck them, (Fuck Them!)
ever-so-politely to the side
better so to hide
the oozing pain that threatens to
puddle in plain sight.

Him, if you care to convict,
we will feed and water
and send to school
and give recreation, (Abomination!)
and release, fouler than any fart,
to fuck her again by proxy.

Just because he used the same parts
that make love to your darling,
and grow children for your garden,
does not make his act sex.
Talking about what he did is not
like ending prayers with “Shit”
instead of AMEN.


The sacrilege has been done
by that dirty daughterfucker,
gentle nights sacrificed
on the altar of his prick.

So do not tell me I may not,
in polite company,
speak of rape
and incest
and pornography
and the thousand horrors visited
upon a thousand little girls (and
boys, them too,
scionfuckers making this
an equal opportunity tragedy)
don’t you dare.

I am not shutting up!

And upon the tiny vaginas
ripped open way too soon,
by the blood smeared sheets,
baptized with the tears of a thousand nights,
knife in hand if necessary,
to cut out the tongue
of anyone who dares
to silence her and her and all the hers (and
hims, I don’t forget)
I do solemnly swear
I will listen to the quiet words,
whispered into my ear,
as she faces the other way,
because she has been told
good girls don’t say those things (and
big boys don’t cry, now, Son)

So suck it up!


Presbyterian Gal said...

None of us should shut up. Ever again. True words. They will offend those who still wish to deny.

Thanks for this.

annie said...

...what presbyterian gal said...Silence is what allows it to continue on and on...

Trace said...

Very moving; giving desire to fight against the bastards even more.

SpookyRach said...

this You are an amazing poet and person.

Anonymous said...

Dear God.

Scog Blog said...


dear God indeed.

Neither will I be silenced while the courageous give voice - I will dare to join them.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Scog Blog said...


If it is ok with you I would like to put this poem on ScoGs tale - with your copyright info and a link back to here.

I love and hate this poem - it is a poem that needs to be out there whatever offence it may cause to the reader.

Thank you again.

Cynthia said...

You can use it, of course. I appreciate the link back, as well. I know how you feel about the poem. I just grinned and grinned and cried and cried when I wrote it. I feel like I gave birth to a beautiful damaged baby.

gautami tripathy said...

I can connect to this as I work for abused girls. No words can ever describe what they go through.

Your poem is very painful, very powerful.

ren.kat said...

Thanks for stopping by again, Cynthia- we do come from the same place. And moved to the same place (though thousands of miles apart)!

gel(emerald eyes) said...

Yes, Cynthia, we must END that screaming "silence!"
Poignantly powerful piece (alliteration unintended).
Every line I read, I verbalized "Yes!" outloud.
So glad I found your blog via PT.

chicklegirl said...

Thanks for giving this a voice. So very brave, so very real. What a gift to those who have no voice (yet) to know that they can, must speak up.

Scotty said...

by the blood smeared sheets,
baptized with the tears of a thousand nights,

Great lines.