Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doing Yard Work, Recovery is Hard Work

I have mowed this yard for years.
I know that there are turns and twists
around the corner of the house
that you cannot see from here.
If you mow this yard, you may choose
not to go to the end of the daisies
and then pull back
where the tulips will come up in the spring.
You may mow this yard
and retrace each line
without turning around and I
always turned around at each end.
If you mow this yard, I can
watch you and call out advice
and encouragement. I can
pick up sticks so they won't
spin out from under to
catch you on the leg.
But if you mow this yard,
dear sister, please know that if will be
your muscles that push the machinery.
It is you who will sweat and curse the sun.
It is you who must do the work.
But I am here, in the yard.
I have mowed this grass many times.
I offer you iced tea
and words of encouragement.

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